Pai Gow Poker Strategy

There is a relatively new card game that is being played on the internet gaming sites, you can visit site for this game. This game requires you to not only have good luck, but to apply pai gow poker strategy to your making of the hands in order for you to win. The game is different from other poker games because it is played on a specialized table, and you have to play two different hands at the same time. Both of your hands have to beat the hands of the banker in order for you to win the round. Now you realize why you need pai gow poker strategy to win the game. How you play the two hands is crucial or play live game at Global Live Casino online.

There are actually ten hands that you can apply pai gow poker strategy to in this game. Five aces will be the highest hand you can have, and that is made using four naturals, and the one joker. The next highest ranking hand is the royal flush, followed by the straight flush. After that a full house would be the winner, and then of course the next winner would be the flush. If none of these major hands are held, then you can win with a straight, a three of a kind, two pair, or sometimes with one pair and play at Bpay Casino.

The single best pai gow poker strategy is for you to be the banker. At most casinos a player can be the banker for only a couple of rounds, and then the opportunity is passed along to the next player that wishes to be banker. The great part of being the banker is that you win in the event of a copy. The drawback is that you have to place enough money on the table to cover all of the player's bets, enjoy poker games at Bwin Casino site.

When you are attempting to apply pai gow poker strategy you must remember that your two card hand cannot have a higher value than your five card hand has. So when you are dealt your seven cards, and all you have is one pair, you need to place the pair in your five card hand.